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Heart Felt Message!

The board came together to make a heartfelt decision on supporting a Veteran and their family that needed support getting from Houston to Memphis for a doctor's visit. Nathan Martinez is a heart transplant recipient and needed to get his care transferred to the Houston area for continued support. The trip was approved and was an absolute success! Nathan received a great report and was able to successfully transfer all care to local hospitals. Below, Nathan shared his views on the event.

Wes, Sarah, and Matt of Camp Comrade are true blessings to Veterans and their families. I have received help from Camp Comrade to be able to make it to a very important doctor's appointment in Memphis. They didn't ask questions but made me promise to let them know how I was doing and if I needed anymore help. They are wonderful people and treat everyone they meet like family. This is a true charity that actually cares. I am forever grateful.

Nathan Martinez, 09/04/2023


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