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Duck Hunting Land!

Sarah and I explored a piece a heaven on earth during New Years to confirm that it was an oasis. We took the kids to College Station and visited Oak Creek Retrievers a Veteran owned hunter retriever school for Duck Hunting and National Competitions. Chris Krause, U.S. Army Veteran and Dog Whisperer offered up a 99-year lease for Veterans to enjoy a river front paradise including nature walks, boating, fishing, ATVs, and Duck Hunting. Chris hosted us and taught the team how to clean, hunt, call, and eat the days success. It was my first experience duck hunting and the fellowship, mentorship, and brotherhood shared was priceless. We view Camp Comrade as not only a retreat but a wellness opportunity to reconnect with family, friends, and fellow Veterans. It was one of my favorite weekends of 2023 and look forward to making many memories there in the future.

We are currently planning a fundraiser and raffle to support building the cabins and RV hookup on site. It has a well, electric, and septic already on-site. Please visit our donations page to support these efforts.


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That seems like an awesome place to hang out n decompress! I look forward to visiting sometime soon!

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