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Detroit is more than just the Tigers!

On June 2nd, Wes Drake, Matt Wheeler, and Jared Colvig set out to meet with who we refer to as, "TEAM DETROIT!" We had to stay in the slums of the immaculate Detroit Athletic Club, and endure a 7th floor balcony view of Tiger Stadium while enjoying each others company and appetizers. We connected the computer to a tiny 100 inch TV in a white clothed meeting room and began the brief that changed our lives.

We had 14 donors present who took the day off work to spend time with us and learn about our purpose and vision. Defining the titles of great Americans, these gentlemen were comprised of Senior Marketing Directors, Lawyers, CPA's, and Real-estate Investors, some of which were immigrants from Iraq and Lebanon. I bring that up because the willingness of these men to share their day and life experiences with us in support of Service Members, Veterans, and their Families was priceless.

These men have assisted with locating the proper land, setting up the LLC, and donations to the cause. Some of them will serve on the board of directors, and they have a unique and special bond with Camp Comrade already. We salute you, TEAM DETROIT, and look forward to future endeavors....


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