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My Name is Wes Drake, I am a retired Army Veteran of 20 years. I served in many organizations spanning the globe. I started my journey at Fort Hood Texas in III Corp and then headed to the beach with the 25th Infantry Division in Hawaii. I went on multiple rotations in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom II, Operations New Dawn and Inherent Resolve in which I was awarded the Bronze Star. I was able to find sand regardless if there was any water around.


Upon return from Iraq, I moved to the mountains in Colorado with 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne). This led me to the center of the universe where I proudly served America’s best communicators as a First Sergeant in the Army’s only Special Operations Signal Battalion, the 112th Signal Battalion (Special Operations) (Airborne). In this role, I deployed to

Afghanistan multiple times in Support of Enduring Freedom and then had the pleasure of visiting paratroopers in many different deployed locations.


I headed back to the mountains to Special Operations Command North as the Senior Enlisted Advisor for the communications directorate. In this organization I had the pleasure of defending the Homeland, from the Homeland. I deployed to Alaska, Canada, Mexico, and the Bahama’s and had the distinct opportunity to lead these other great nations’ communication interoperability plans. I finished up my career after being selected to the rank of Sergeant Major. I had a few fused joints and was faced with a tough decision to hang the uniform up and serve the great warriors of this nation in a different capacity.


Upon completion of my service I began serving the Department of Defense as a Wireless Communications Solutions Architect with Verizon. This is where the wheels started turning in search of a way to still serve the warfighters,

service members, and families who sacrifice daily in support of our freedoms.


Camp Comrade was created around many camp fires, pool parties, and of course beer and bourbon consumed at a high top.

My Why

Many Veterans today followed in the footsteps of the men and women before us, and quickly found job

security with the war on terrorism lasting multiple decades. This has placed an enormous amount of

stress on Service Members and their families, both present and past. The norm in the military is when you get

leave, people tend to return home to see family and friends and forget to take part in activities that

actually make them happy. Things like seeing the world, outdoor sports, adrenaline producing activities,

and of course fire and water tend to make most Veterans smile. These things are missed over the years,

and mental wellness decreases based on not actually doing things that make you happy.


When Veterans do get to partake in something different, they are worried about the associated costs, along with

plane tickets, rental houses and cars. Camp Comrade takes the guessing out of the equation and provides a relaxing reconnection with family and friends who think alike. I wanted to create an environment that conforms to your needs both physically, spiritually, and mentally. If you want to participate in the planned activities, or not, is absolutely your choice even though we know they are fun, because we are all cut from the same cloth.


We also wanted to differentiate Camp Comrade from other organizations and remove the red tape of acceptance. All Veterans and sponsored family members are welcome, regardless of if you served in combat, are combat wounded, gold star, religion, post 9/11, or gender related. This is a place for Veterans and families, which was created by Veterans and Family.


Welcome to your oasis! We look forward to a lifetime of fellowship that revives your

connection with yourself, nature, family, and fellow comrades. If you would like to be a part, feel free to

contact us immediately. Repeat offenders are welcome!

Contact Wes

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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