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I'm Sarah, and I am a ridiculously proud Army Ranger Mom. RLTW! My favorite cadence is "Pebbles and Bam Bam." A loud, "'Merica!" is definitely going to come out of my mouth when fireworks erupt on 4th of July.  The smell of gunpowder on a sunny day equals a really good time in my book. American pride runs strong through my veins. Starting Camp Comrade means the world to me, and it is my hope that all who visit will leave with a rejuvenated soul. 

My Why

While I didn't serve in the armed forces myself, I do recognize  the unique bond shared between comrades. My Grandfather and Grandma were married three days before my Grandfather was sent oversees to serve as an airplane mechanic in WWII. My Grandma stayed back and worked as a "Rosie the Riveter" welder repairing war damaged Navy ships. After the war, the wives of all the men that served with my Grandfather would help coordinate an annual reunion for everyone to get together in fellowship. This annual reunion became an event that all the men, wives and even their children grew to look forward to. It is not lost on me that American brotherhood and camaraderie were the binding forces keeping this group of individuals connected for over 60+ years. 

That generation of men and women saw the importance of gathering together and staying connected in person. When I look at our current generation of veterans, connection mostly exists through social media after their service time ends. While mindlessly scrolling though updates is fine, it can never replace a real hug or high-five from the ones who mean the most to you.

It is my vision that Camp Comrade will serve as a place where America's finest can come back together and catch up with the men and women they served with in arms. It will be a place where their families can get together and enjoy each other's company in fellowship. It will be a place of joy, respite and connection, but mostly it will be a place where the veteran is understood and appreciated. Reminiscing about the glory days around a campfire and creating new memories together is the goal, and I can't wait to achieve it!

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