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A Place Created For Veterans,
By Veterans

Camp Comrade is an all inclusive retreat

created for Veterans, by Veterans.

Catering to all service members and their families, our goal is for our guests to find relaxation and rejuvenation through the great outdoors and the common bond of military brotherhood.

Camp Comrade begins with YOU!

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Big Dreams
Big Goals

Join us as we shape this big idea into reality.

Get involved and be the support our Veterans deserve.


We have secured multiple pieces of property in Texas for retreats, hunting, and fishing.  We have a spot in Lindale, Lake Livingston, College Station, and searching for a few more acres for Wellness Center and retreat.  


Camaraderie is built by blood, sweat and tears. Come get your hands dirty with us!


So you say you support the troops?


Make a one time or monthly donation, and get a tax deductible receipt.


Camp Comrade has a list of equipment needs and wants!

Contact us if you would like to contribute to a specific goal.


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